Best Music Genre To Listen While Playing Table Tennis

Listening to music has become one of the most outstanding tips that many people indulge in while undertaking various roles and activities. In particular, many people taking part in physical exercises and sports activities like playing table tennis often like getting engaged in the game as a result of listening to music. As a matter of fact, designated areas that are specifically set aside for playing table tennis are usually fitted with music equipment and even the players themselves will be seen accompanied by a set of earphones or headphones for the purposes of listening to music. Have you ever asked yourself why this is so? Music creates a very charming environment for table tennis players. While listening to music, the athletes gain a strong and exercising rhythm that makes them play more without tiring. While in some circumstances music may be a very destructive element when undertaking some tasks such as reading, in playing table tennis it is a building tool. The mind enjoys playing more and more while listening to nice music.

Furthermore, listening positive lyrics from the music while playing have some body movement associations. The player gets motivated and the enthusiasm to compete with their opponents more effectively. The speed and movement of the hands are rejuvenated throughout the game given that a positive lyric is heard. Rhythmic patterns that go hand in hand with the body movement of the athletes greatly influences the precision and accuracy that the player makes. In other occasions, when a player gets defeated by an opponent, some uplifting tunes play a greater part in encouraging and motivating them never to give up. In this case, they are made to stay determined and focused while in the competition arena. Likewise, some music is associated with triumph in sports. Listening to such harmonies models the mind making it to always think of winning and overcoming adversity. Therefore, listening to music and playing ping pong is a great idea.

However, in order to achieve the experience and feel the real impact of music while playing, the best music genre to energize table tennis athletes should be considered. Some of the top best music genre for sports athletes to listen to while playing ping pong are; run ports Anthems-they contains most steady bits that runs through the veins to the memory which motivates the player. The rock anthems of the ages are the most effective type for any player to listen to Blues. The chilling and relaxing nature provided by this type of music is absolutely extraordinary. It triggers the athlete’s memory to think about other techniques they can use to stay competitive and on top of their games.

Additionally, apart from music, there are other factors that create a more desirable atmosphere for table tennis athletes. These are the ping pong table paint, the paint of the walls, the lighting system and the air condition of the room. Moderate lighting systems will not cause any visual defects for the players. The coloring of the table tennis is also fundamental. The table tennis that is colored differently from the pin pong balls facilitates and improves the visual capability of the player. A qualified designer should always be selected to ensure proper painting of the walls that will be more appealing to the eyes. A lot of fun is always present in a well-modified room that hosts the game. 

Listen to what is the best table saw products in town   

There are many table saws available in the market. Table saws are among the first woodworking tools, which have stayed relevant in the contemporary lifestyle. The table saws are placed on an arbor placed in some height so that there is an upward and downward movement to support cutting needs. The material used to make the blade gauges the strength of a table saw. You need a table saw that can cut hardwood with ease. The arbor is a separate entity from the table saw.  A table saw can cut any shape and pattern in a wood; all you need is tilt the blade at an angle with the wood to get the pattern. These patterns ca not be completed when there is no planer. Table saw and planer are two main equipment you should have in woodworking.

Planners has a lot of types: Thickness, Electric, Portable, Jointer, Power Hand Held, Benchtop. Read more here and see the basic information you need to know like thickness vs electric planers and other important woodworking stuffs.

Types of table saws

Bench top




Bench Top

Just as the name suggests, the tabletop is placed on top of a bench when running wood cutting projects. They use a universal motor to propel the blade. They are light in weighing hence portable. Ii is ideal for home use for running DIY woodwork activities. It is the cheapest type of table saw, cheap is expensive, so where is the catch. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages.


It is cheap

Light in weight


Has a low capacity

The steel blade support all woodcutting needs


Durability is compromised

The universal motor cannot run pulleys

The horizontal distance between the tabletop and arbor plane surface is short hence cannot support straight wood cutting works


This type of table saw is ideal for commercial woodwork projects. It’s bulky and occupies a bigger space and also use high voltage and current to propel the blade. The motor capacity is also very high hence reduced vibration. You need an expert to mount it. The blade is made of cast iron and steel.


It can handle large woodwork contracts

It can run pulleys

Minimizes vibration


It uses a lot of power

It is heavy and cumbersome for home use


This table saw is ideal for both commercial and home use depending on the type of motor you use. The multipurpose equipment uses direct drive or pulley drive to run the blade. Despite the bulkiness and heavy weight, it has a wheel for portability.


Uses dual motor movement

Ideal for both home and industrial use

It is affordable

Consumes less power


Cannot handle commercial woodwork projects

They lack dust collection strategies


Hybrid table saws are the modern table saws for the high-end market. They have solved the traditional challenges of old table saws using the current technologies. Hybrid, contractor, and cabinet are the order of bulkiness of the table saws from the heaviest to the lightest.


It has improved cutting patterns

Have more driving mechanisms


It consumes more power

Only uses pulleys and belts

 The best table saws depend on the type of woodworking project you wish to use. Have a comprehensive analysis on the best table saws depending on your location and availability of power within your location.

News about the table tennis robot as best outdoor opponent

Table tennis robots date back in the 1980s. Their invention has a great influence on the table tennis sport. The influence of tennis robots has opened a market for table tennis robots compromising on the quality of the machines. Consumers have a wide choice on the best robots from renowned manufacturers. Let us take a critical look at what able tennis robots are.

This is an automatic machine designed to fireball and responds to the ball without any human influence. The machine runs on three-step components, loading, and fire; the ability for it to load and hit the ball. Control unit; an area that controls all the automated functions. Net; the barriers where opponents define their territory.

 The electrically powered machine is ideal for training since you are able to set the pace to allow you to train on vigorous table tennis exercises.


 Benefits of tennis outdoor opponent

Training partner

You cannot train at home alone if you lack an opponent. Tennis robots are here to fill that gap, all you require is to position it at the opposite end and to allow it to respond to the ball once you hit it. The settings can help you set your standards higher compared to a human partner who might have lower skills hence waste your training skills, read feedback here: (  to see more information about it.  When you only require me-time and enjoy the game table tennis robot comes in handy.

 Limited space occupancy

You do not need a large space to place the table tennis robot since it is basically a barrier and yourself. If you have limited space within your home, the robot will be a great idea.

 Vigorous mechanisms

You have a chance to adjust the firing angle to train you on different tactics in handling tennis as a sport. The adjustable height and horizontal distance will give you the right practice for a vigorous competition ahead of you.


As a tennis player, you have your goal of what you want to achieve at the end of your training session. Table tennis robot is the right machine as an opponent since you are able to program it to help you meet your goal for that training session. At the end of the day, you have mastered the art and skill to tackle high-level competition. Table tennis robot has powerful and intensive ball hitting and response skills which if you are able to compete favorably, human competition will be a walk in the park.

Human substitute

The robot gives you a chance to train according to your strength and time availability. You have a choice to train as long as you have the will and power, you can plan your playing session since you are the planner of your time.

Table tennis robot is a machine that helps single players to self- train without having a human opponent. You can play, train and have fun with the robot. However, prolonged use will lack social skills and human interaction when playing outdoor.

The invention of the GPS radio and its significance

GPS radio dates back from 1995. The new invention uses satellites in measurements of atmospheric conditions of a place as well as communication gadgets. Weather forecasting is one phenomenon, which has great significance in many sectors of our daily lives. The concept of GPS radio is the use of a satellite places at a lower altitude from the main GPS satellite at a higher altitude. It considers the different in lapse rate in different layers of the atmosphere leading to refraction but still, the information is timely and accurate.

 Where is GPS radio significant?

  • Aviation industry

The safe landing and taking off planes is determined on weather condition of the places. The GPS radio with the GPS experts is able to calculate humidity and visibility levels to help pilots navigate through the safe paths in the air. Remember, the volcanic eruptions that affected Amsterdam in the recent year, if weather experts did not alert aviators on time, we could be talking about Titanic of the 20th century. Pilots need to know the wind speed and intensity, humidity and atmospheric pressure, precipitation levels and further cloud cover in areas of their travel to make them form an informed decision on safe landing and taking off strategies.

  • Research by climate changes experts

Climate change is a global challenge. Various international meetings and conferences have taken place to mitigate the rising climate changes due to industrialization and global warming. This information helps us to make a prediction on different climate changes to allow timely actions before they reach catastrophic levels. Tornadoes, heat waves, flash floods, windstorms among other climatic disturbances when foreseen and mitigation measures put in place, it curbs death and loss of property.

  • Planning farmer’s calendar

Agriculture entirely depends on correct weather condition of a place right from planting, germination, sprouting, growth and finally harvesting. If a farmer does not plant during the right weather condition, he will experience losses.  Temperature and rainfall are the major weather elements significant for a farmer’s calendar.

  • Gets the right fishing grounds

The lifestyle of aquatic life –brooding, hatching, and settlement is highly dependent on the weather condition of a place since it affects the temperature of the seawaters. When the temperature is high, they move slower to the sea level, hence fishermen use the right fishing methods to catch them. Conversely, when the temperature is low, they move to deeper waters since the seabed is warmer. An angler needs deep fishing methods to get his daily bread.

  • Organization of daily life activities

Our daily undertakings from clothing, footwear to movement needs prior knowledge of the weather condition to determine the right clothes to wear which suits the weather of the day; like jackets and helmets when you are out riding your bike: Motorbike helmet reviews here. A cyclist who plans a road trip miles away needs to understand the weather safety of the area of the visit.

GPS radio system has a great impact in the communication industry. The invention of networks used in phone technology is because of massive investment in navigation and network systems.


Visit Bulgaria on Whidbey

Saturday – December 7th 

Experience Bulgaria on Whidbey Island


 Northwest Language Academy & Cultural Center

5023 Langley Rd, Langley, WA 98260

2:00pm-5:00pm – Secrets of Bulgaria Cooking Class 

5:30pm-9:00pm – Bulgarian Dinner and Performance

Attend one or both – Registration required


Bulgaria’s cultural identity enjoys a broad scope. Bulgarian folk costumes can be seen during Bulgaria’s holidays and festivals. Bulgarian traditional foods exhibit influences from neighboring regions and the 500 years of Ottoman reign in the region – enjoy them through the year and on special occasions, such Christmas, Easter and social celebrations.
The Bulgarian Voices of Seattle choir, directed by Mary Sherhart will be performing after the dinner. The group, with its lush choral arrangements and dissonant, haunting call-and-response, provides a musical bridge to its members’ traditions and cultural past, not only singing together, but teaching and sharing customs and holiday rituals with the community and with one another.  The choir will be joined by traditional Bulgarian musician and dancers. NWLA is pleased to be working with the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle on this event. Seating is limited; reservation recommended.
imagesBulgaria has existed since the 7th century and existed as an empire for seven centuries, until it came under Ottoman rule for 500 years. It regained its independence and embraced communism after WWII. Today it is a parliamentary democracy and a part of the European Union.
Old_Bulgarian_alphabetBulgarian is a Slavic language, with differences such as suffixed indefinite articles and an absence of verb infinitives. The Cyrillic alphabet, which was developed in Bulgaria during the 10th century, became the third official alphabet of the European Union after Bulgaria’s accession.
Saturday December 7th ~ MOI KOLEDA Language of Food Bulgaria

Secrets of Bulgaria Cooking Class: 2:00pm-5:00pm ($35)

Dinner and Performance: 5:30pm-9:00pm ($65)

Northwest Language Academy & Cultural Center

5023 Langley Rd, Langley, WA 98260


Registration required – Bring a family member or friend

Whidbey AIR logo 20130513 180x124WhidbeyAIR has been invited to partake in this event – and been granted the opportunity to record it.   Thanks to the Northwest Language Academy and Cultural Center the invitation and permission to record – we happily accept.

Airing of the event will take place 2 weeks following the event.  We’ll keep you posted when it goes on air.

A Visit to Ethiopia


Recorded at NWLA by WhidbeyAIR in Summer of 2014