Promoting automatic cleaning features of toilet in the radio

Radio is a media platform, which offers valuable information and advice to its listeners. They would love to know new toilet products available in the market. In your radio show, you could collaborate with toilet products manufacturers such as TOTO to promote essential products with an aim of increasing the market for their products.

 Radio promotion enhances your market audience. You need to choose a radio host who has a lot of influence and has great marketing skills. Currently, people are shifting promotions from just convincing to buy your product; instead, they are offering benefits and reasons why it is important to get the product; read out’s extensive reviews for more info.

 toiradAutomatic cleaning feature of toilet like the American Standard can take a hygienic angle. Inform the audience on the benefits of automated features vs. traditional toilet features. People love to take good care of their health. Inform them of the health benefits of automatic toilet cleaning features.

Running a single show will not yield many profits, you need to plan series of shows in different radios stations because every radio station has their own target audience. With this, you are sure you shall have relayed information to different people who will further be your ambassadors in the promotion.

 Do not rely on radio alone; use other marketing platforms to reach your target market. Run advertisements on various print media platforms as well. Social media is one of the simple and cheapest tools to reach a wider market within a short period.

 Create a social media page, advertise your products and link it to your blog for content marketing. Interact with your audience, listen to their concerns; accept positive criticism for the sake of improvement.

What are some of the promotions you can run on radio for these toilet products?


Who doesn’t love free gifts? When you run a radio promotion give out free samples as gifts to listeners. Let he radio host make it fun and timely, for example, all even number callers get free gifts. You will be overwhelmed by the massive response.

Gift vouchers

After offering an informational talk on benefits of the automatic toilet cleaning products; give gift vouchers for these products to listeners who answer questions correctly. Use simple questions. By the end of the day, a client will pass by the supermarket sees the product and buy it to have a feel of what it entails. If i serve them well, you already win a loyal customer there.

Buy 1 get one free

Collaborate with supermarkets, shops, wholesalers, retailers and online stores for additional gifts for your customers. Have posters, billboards everywhere within the shops o create awareness of the promotion. Free samples could be of smaller quantity especially for customers who have spent huge sums of money. It is a great attraction.

Question and answer forum

Question and answer forum in a radio show is also a good tool for radio promotion. It spices your show at the same time build cognitive development of your listeners.

 Use radio shows to launch your product as well as improve your market share.