The need of camera for the exposure of radio DJ

Audio media is a passive platform. Apart from the radio presenter who might be known through her voice, the rest of the people might not be known or even see. The work of DJ requires constant exposure; you may love his collection by listening to the radio station. What if you want to hire him for an outdoor event? Where do you find him? Using the radio official lines to hire his services would be a breach of contract. The digital technology has come in handy to solve such uncertainties. People love what they see and not what they hear. Photographs provide practical example of what exactly people do.


A DJ should invest in a powerful camera to always capture him doing what he knows best. Use these snapshots as a marketing tool to market his services. Most radio station hires the services of a DJ, they are not permanently employed, because of the limited time they take at the radio station. Most radio management avoids redundancy by hiring rather than employing.

Where will a DJ use pictures to market?

  • Social Media Platforms

Social media is the current wave for both individual and businesses. It is a forum where you get to have one-on-one interaction with your fans and clients. A DJ should create a Facebook page and run advertisements on the type of services he offers. Add value to it by posting pictures on the job. He need to capture pictures and video and post it there for the practical view. He also needs to edit and upload of video using a Laptop. People will now put a name to the person. You will realize, shows that feature him will have more participation that events which have no popular DJ. Other social media platforms include Instagram, LinkedIn, and internet based messaging platforms.

  • Messaging platforms

Online based messaging platforms can also be a great place to use the images and post them here as a form of advertisements. A DJ will get clients there as well as referrals. The only disadvantage of such platforms is the limited number of people it can accommodate. It is efficient but not as effective as social media.

  • Email campaigns

Marketing automation tools also have audiovisual features to add value to their marketing campaigns. Send the Email with photos of the DJ on the deck with a great caption advertising the event. It will expose the radio DJ.

  • Event advertisements

When you are advertising for an event, the poster and the billboards will be complete when  it has the picture of the radio DJ. It will help to market him and enhance his presence. Use event advertisements to create a niche in the market.

  • Posters

A radio DJ can also use the high definition photo in the poster to help market himself. Using pictures alone will not advertise the radio DJ, great collection and mastery of the art of the skill is the best way, the pictures only creates awareness of your existence. Purchase the right camera, which enhances brightness and captures your clear image.