The invention of the GPS radio and its significance

GPS radio dates back from 1995. The new invention uses satellites in measurements of atmospheric conditions of a place as well as communication gadgets. Weather forecasting is one phenomenon, which has great significance in many sectors of our daily lives. The concept of GPS radio is the use of a satellite places at a lower altitude from the main GPS satellite at a higher altitude. It considers the different in lapse rate in different layers of the atmosphere leading to refraction but still, the information is timely and accurate.

 Where is GPS radio significant?

  • Aviation industry

The safe landing and taking off planes is determined on weather condition of the places. The GPS radio with the GPS experts is able to calculate humidity and visibility levels to help pilots navigate through the safe paths in the air. Remember, the volcanic eruptions that affected Amsterdam in the recent year, if weather experts did not alert aviators on time, we could be talking about Titanic of the 20th century. Pilots need to know the wind speed and intensity, humidity and atmospheric pressure, precipitation levels and further cloud cover in areas of their travel to make them form an informed decision on safe landing and taking off strategies.

  • Research by climate changes experts

Climate change is a global challenge. Various international meetings and conferences have taken place to mitigate the rising climate changes due to industrialization and global warming. This information helps us to make a prediction on different climate changes to allow timely actions before they reach catastrophic levels. Tornadoes, heat waves, flash floods, windstorms among other climatic disturbances when foreseen and mitigation measures put in place, it curbs death and loss of property.

  • Planning farmer’s calendar

Agriculture entirely depends on correct weather condition of a place right from planting, germination, sprouting, growth and finally harvesting. If a farmer does not plant during the right weather condition, he will experience losses.  Temperature and rainfall are the major weather elements significant for a farmer’s calendar.

  • Gets the right fishing grounds

The lifestyle of aquatic life –brooding, hatching, and settlement is highly dependent on the weather condition of a place since it affects the temperature of the seawaters. When the temperature is high, they move slower to the sea level, hence fishermen use the right fishing methods to catch them. Conversely, when the temperature is low, they move to deeper waters since the seabed is warmer. An angler needs deep fishing methods to get his daily bread.

  • Organization of daily life activities

Our daily undertakings from clothing, footwear to movement needs prior knowledge of the weather condition to determine the right clothes to wear which suits the weather of the day; like jackets and helmets when you are out riding your bike: Motorbike helmet reviews here. A cyclist who plans a road trip miles away needs to understand the weather safety of the area of the visit.

GPS radio system has a great impact in the communication industry. The invention of networks used in phone technology is because of massive investment in navigation and network systems.