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Closing statement

Over the next 6 weeks we will close.  We will keep this website going for a time afterwards so you’ll know where to hear the hosts that go podcast.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!  This all volunteer community supported place has been special!  

15 Years of Change – Still Community Access

Come to a studio, overlooking Penn Cove with Mount Baker in the back ground.  Record your next audio project or podcast, or produce one you’ve always dreamed of creating.

MUSICIANS: Get some experience; record a demo or your next sellable CD. Acoustic only at this time.   Support WhidbeyAir and help us continue to build out a professional public access studio on Whidbey.

FAMILIES: Record your elders, get the family history in a format that will last for generations to come.

WRITERS: Record your poems, short stories or sections of your book.  Enhance your website with these recordings, or use them for media submissions.

ARTISTS: Record information about your upcoming show, artistic process, class or musings on art. Use them for your website or share them with the world on our stream.

MUSIC LOVERS: Host a DJ show and be free of music licensing costs.  WhidbeyAir covers them for you.

EDUCATORS: Develop and record podcasts, or get a message out to our island and the world by being interviewed by one of our volunteers.

OPINIONS MAKERS: Record your podcasts.

COMMUNITY LEADERS: Record your PSA’s and informational content for public enlightenment.

BUSINESSES: Record information about your business for our listeners (requires sponsorship).

Born in the mind of the ever talented and generous Micheal Nutt and several Michael Nuttenergetic friends, the station was originally under the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) as a Low Power FM station assigned a federal license to Coupeville at KWPA 96.9FM, and only heard in the Penn Cove area of  central Whidbey.

Since its early days as an FCC Low Power station, continually operated by an all volunteer force, board of directors and window washers, the station has grown into something else, something more.

Several years after the nation’s economic downturn of 2007 it became clear Whidbey communities could not support an FCC licensed station only heard in the Penn Cove area of our island.  As a result, in 2012, after of many hours of difficult discussion, the station dropped the FCC license and became an all internet streaming station reaching the entire island and the world.  That decision begin the process of us focusing on our public access recording studio, with the worldwide 24/7 stream as the ‘cherry on top’.

An unusual model, WhidbeyAir’s public access studio is intended to be a resource for citizens, educators, artists (musicians, writers and performance), educators and community leaders alike.  You can book time in the studio and be free to create what ever you need in audio recording.

Record home video voice overs, an elder relative’s history, podcasting, personal libraries, demo CD’s or marketable CD’s.  It’s YOUR studio for the time you book it.

Don’t know how to record?  No problem WhidbeyAir has volunteers who can help you learn, or act as your engineers.

Why continue to build this public access studio when ‘anyone‘ can record in their own home, or with their smart phones?  Firstly, it’s a myth that ‘anyone‘ can do such recording.  Many people do not have the devices or the technical capabilities to do so.  Many people do not have the finances to purchase the necessary equipment.  Secondly, and more importantly, home recording does not achieve the quality of sound you’ll get from recording in our studio.   We can help you produce a quality recording that will last forever.  WhidbeyAir fills a gap in new media today.

WhidbeyAir is supported by citizen’s and businesses on Whidbey, and by contributors as far away as New York, California, Texas and many places.  Our world-wide stream has afforded us listeners from Clinton to Deception Pass, all over the Puget Sound region, and the world.  People who believe community generated public access media is a good thing, support WhidbeyAir.

Interested in audio?  Are you a techie, or someone who’s got a message to share with the world.  Contact WhidbeyAir to find out how you can volunteer or sponsor our programs.

TODAY, our Youth Radio Lab is going strong.  Are you, or do you know a young person who’d be interested in producing, engineering or hosting a show?

Contact feedback at kwparadio dot org to find out more.



2015 – 10th Annual Whidbey Island Farm Tour


Whidbey Island farmers are raising all kinds of crops and livestock, including over 200 varieties of fruits and veggies and dozens of types of animals for meat, eggs, dairy, fiber, and fun! Taste locally made cheese, jam, or spirits. Learn about Community Supported Agriculture. See how farms are raising grass-fed and free-range beef cows, goats, sheep, hogs, and fowl. Meet friendly alpacas, llamas, and horses.  Many farms will be hosting other farmers, food purveyors, and entertainers, so there is bound to be something for everyone! Bring the kids and spend the day “down on the farm.” Or make a weekend of it and stay at a Bed & Breakfast and feast at any of the wonderful Whidbey restaurants featuring local farm foods.

September 12th and 13th on Whidbey

All Ages Welcome – NO admission charge

Participating Farms

Willowood Farm

Hummingbird Farm

Wildwood Farm

Rosehip Farm

Greenbank Farm & Organic Farm School

Strawfield Hou

South Whidbey Tilth

Whidbey Island Distillery

Abundant Earth Fiber

Shipki Farm Organics

Fern Ridge Alpacas

Glendale Shepherd Dairy

VISIT THE WHIDBEY ISLAND FARM TOUR SITE  for more information about the tour and the farms.

IT’S FREE – See you at the Farms 

2015 Whidbey Farm Tour Map

Download map by clicking on image