KWPA Vision Statement

KWPA aims to encapsulate in programming the cultural, multi generational, arts and entertainment opportunities on Whidbey Island in a broadcast medium accessible to everyone in multiple audio mediums by creating a truly community based radio station.

This translates into several actions.

First KWPA is open to members of the community. You could be a KWPA broacaster.

Second KWPA should be reflective of the community and its interests. KWPA invites radio programs on any and all topics of interest to Whidbey Islanders

Third KWPA should be participative in the community. KWPA will, within the constraints of its resources, provide coverage of local events and activities such as festivals and public celebrations.

As part of the accessibility element, we are runing a series of training meetings get in touch if you are interested.

Recent news coverage:

Radio station seeks live shows, better signal: March 24, 2010, Nathan Whalen, Whidbey News Times Reporter

Live From Coupeville
Interview of Brennan LaBrie

Lifestyles Whidbey News-Times, Dec 3rd 2008

Here is the view from KWPA during Whidbey Island Race Week.  How many radio stations do you know that have views like this?

View from Wharf during Race Week

View from Wharf during Race Week

We have listeners from far flung places such as:

Francistown, Botswana
Camano Island
Stirling (Scotland)
Port Townsend, WA
Anacortes, WA
Littleton, Colorado
Stillwater, OK
Seattle, WA
West Beach Rd. Coupeville
Berkeley, CAL
Laytonsville, MD
Sequim, WA
Olympia, WA
La Feria, TX
Blaine, WA
Tokyo, Japan
Lake Stevens, WA
San Diego, CA