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SeculaRadio and Jersey Flight

SeculaRadio host Tom Smith interviews skeptical thinker Jersey Flight in a 2 part series.

Jersey Flight is a former Christian minister, Founder of The Skeptic Thinker and a speaker and writer on the potential there is no God. 

Listen in as Tom and Jersey discuss the in’s an out’s of religious belief and behavior and whether or not there’s proof God exists.

Do you believe in God?  Are you not sure?  Atheist, Agnostic or Believer these interviews will interest you.

Part ONE 


Part TWO


SeculaRadio does not represent the opinions or positions of Whidbey AIR public radio, it’s volunteer board, hosts, engineers, members, sponsors or window washers. The content of this show is developed by Tom Smith himself and strictly represents his own opinions.

Annual Studio visit with Whidbey Farmers Georgie Smith & Vicky Brown

Whidbey farmers, and farmers all over the world, are busy people.  They’re ruled by the seasons and the weather, neither of which are constant, and hard to pin down.

Once a year in late winter Whidbey farmers, Georgie Smith of Willowood Farm and Vicky Brown of Little Brown Farm join Gwen in the studio for their annual “what’s up on the farm” chat.  A farm tour for your ears.

You’ll find the listen link at the end of this post. 


“Grown locally, naturally…” Willowood Farm of Ebey’s Prairie is a small, 4th generation farm located on Whidbey Island north of Seattle.  Run by Farmer Georgie, the farm grows a large variety of mixed vegetables.  Willowood sells at  local farmers and farm store markets, grocery stores and restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

Picture 8

Little Brown Farm is about passion. Passion for animals, passion for cheeses, passion for community and passion for family farms.  Owned by Vicky Brown, the Chief Milkmaid and Tom Brown, the Chief Muckman, Little Brown Farm brings fine dairy products to markets on Whidbey, and to restaurants throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Listen to this round table chat with 2 of Whidbey’s most prolific farmers by clicking the link below. 

Picture 10

KWPA WhidbeyAIR would like to thank our members and sponsors for making it possible for us to maintain a studio, centrally located on Whidbey, for community use.  

Whidbey AIR logo 20130513 180x124To Support WhidbeyAIR go to our support page.  We’re all community, all volunteer and appreciate your support.  WhidbeyAIR is a registered 501(c)3.  Contributions are tax-deductible.

Screenwriter Trish Gannon

Sometimes people from Whidbey end up in a polar vortex in Buffalo, New York.  

That was the case for Whidbey resident and WhidbeyAIR’s Adult Content host Perry Woodfin recently.  But, why just shovel snow, or make snow angels.  Why not ditch the shovel and the wet snow suit and interview a friend who’s a screen writer.

trish-gannonTrish Gannon is a mom, writer, former college professor, horticulture professional and long term caretaker and caretakers advocate.  As if that’s not enough, she’s also a screen writer and friend of Whidbey resident Perry Woodfin.   

But why the prison bars?  Click and listen