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Chuck Kramer ~ Whidbey Writers Conference 2013

The 2013 Whidbey Writers Conference brims with literary excitement this week-end as Whidbey writers, regional Puget Sound writers, and writers from beyond the island, converged on island for the 2013 Whidbey Island Writers Conference.

Whidbey is a writers’ paradise 99% of the time.  And why not, it’s a place long held in story; Native American, settler, modern day residents, students and teachers.


Board members, hosts and volunteers with WhidbeyAIR had an informational table at the Conference book- signing meet and greet this afternoon, connecting with familiar Whidbey writers, and many new ones.   One lucky writer even won a in studio recording session with us! Stayed tuned.

Thanks to the Whidbey Island Writers Conference

Adding to that thanks, let’s just thank all the writers’ organizations and events that keep the Whidbey and the Puget Sound a hot bed hub for writers.. The Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, Hedgebrook, and the even the Port Townsend Writers’ Conference, and the many other workshops, writers groups and tutors that make writing and Whidbey synonymous.  Great work!

We’ll have more to come, from the 2013 Whidbey Island Writers Conference in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

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Perry Woodfin asked his friend and conference participant Chuck Kramer if he’d like to come into the studio Friday night for a little pre-conference interview.  Thanks Chuck, for saying yes! 

8576745269_a5ff07f6c1_bChuck Kramer flew from Chi-Town (Chicago) to Whidbey, for the 2013Whidbey Writers Conference this weekend.  Writer, journalist, spoken word aficionado, former literary educator, and small press publisher, Chuck is a writer of fiction and poetry.   His work reflects a well traveled, well educated, and interestingly energetic man. Click the LISTEN NOW button, and hear for yourself, just who Chuck Kramer is, writer and all.



At WhidbeyAIR has a studio available to writers who are interested in exploring the spoken word through their own work or the work of others.  Permission required by author if your intention is to read non-original work.  Work written before 1926 is clear of copyright. 

Perry Woodfin does it again, and again, and again and again

spaghetti-clipartListen to Whidbey artist and writer Perry Woodfin read his short story The Spaghetti Incident and 3 of his original poems.

Listen to his show Adult Content on Whidbey AIR – public radio from Whidbey Island.

Listen here 

Author of End of Silence – Dorothy “Dot” Read joins Mary Rose and Annie

15594_573123042705273_1267189368_nAuthor Dorothy “Dot” Read joined hosts Mary Rose and Annie on Whidbey AIR’s Isle of the Arts to share the story of how her book End the Silence came to be written, how she spends her time helping other writers through the Whidbey Island Writers Association, and to read a selection from her book.

end-the-silence-book-cvverEnd the Silence is the memoir of  Ilse Evelijn Veere Smit, who was interned in a Japanese concentration camp for Dutch and Indo women and children, during World War II.

In 1945, Ilse, her 3 younger siblings and their mother lived in a vermin-infested bungalow with 35 other people at Camp Halmaheira on the island of Java.  During their internment, Ilse’s mother and several other women in that squalid bungalow were arrested for a “crime”, forcing Ilse to be responsible for herself and her younger siblings.  Surviving the camp, and eventually being freed at the end of WWII, Ilse found herself in the middle of a bloody Indonesian revolution, targeted for death.

Taking in excess of 5 yrs. to write End the Silence is a story of endurance, suffering and triumph.

A key volunteer with Whidbey Island Writers Association (WIWA) Dot also devotes time to the Altar Guild, the Banners and Paraments Committee and choir at her church.

During this interview Annie Zeller Horton will also be reading, from a WIWA submission.

You can find more information about Dot’s book End the Silence on her website or at Createspace.

Listen >Dorothy Read on Isle of the Arts – Dec 17 2012