Listen to what is the best table saw products in town   

There are many table saws available in the market. Table saws are among the first woodworking tools, which have stayed relevant in the contemporary lifestyle. The table saws are placed on an arbor placed in some height so that there is an upward and downward movement to support cutting needs. The material used to make the blade gauges the strength of a table saw. You need a table saw that can cut hardwood with ease. The arbor is a separate entity from the table saw.  A table saw can cut any shape and pattern in a wood; all you need is tilt the blade at an angle with the wood to get the pattern. These patterns ca not be completed when there is no planer. Table saw and planer are two main equipment you should have in woodworking.

Planners has a lot of types: Thickness, Electric, Portable, Jointer, Power Hand Held, Benchtop. Read more here and see the basic information you need to know like thickness vs electric planers and other important woodworking stuffs.

Types of table saws

Bench top




Bench Top

Just as the name suggests, the tabletop is placed on top of a bench when running wood cutting projects. They use a universal motor to propel the blade. They are light in weighing hence portable. Ii is ideal for home use for running DIY woodwork activities. It is the cheapest type of table saw, cheap is expensive, so where is the catch. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages.


It is cheap

Light in weight


Has a low capacity

The steel blade support all woodcutting needs


Durability is compromised

The universal motor cannot run pulleys

The horizontal distance between the tabletop and arbor plane surface is short hence cannot support straight wood cutting works


This type of table saw is ideal for commercial woodwork projects. It’s bulky and occupies a bigger space and also use high voltage and current to propel the blade. The motor capacity is also very high hence reduced vibration. You need an expert to mount it. The blade is made of cast iron and steel.


It can handle large woodwork contracts

It can run pulleys

Minimizes vibration


It uses a lot of power

It is heavy and cumbersome for home use


This table saw is ideal for both commercial and home use depending on the type of motor you use. The multipurpose equipment uses direct drive or pulley drive to run the blade. Despite the bulkiness and heavy weight, it has a wheel for portability.


Uses dual motor movement

Ideal for both home and industrial use

It is affordable

Consumes less power


Cannot handle commercial woodwork projects

They lack dust collection strategies


Hybrid table saws are the modern table saws for the high-end market. They have solved the traditional challenges of old table saws using the current technologies. Hybrid, contractor, and cabinet are the order of bulkiness of the table saws from the heaviest to the lightest.


It has improved cutting patterns

Have more driving mechanisms


It consumes more power

Only uses pulleys and belts

 The best table saws depend on the type of woodworking project you wish to use. Have a comprehensive analysis on the best table saws depending on your location and availability of power within your location.