Ping Pong Essentials For Radio DJs Who Love Playing Ping Pong

Ping Pong has been loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. One thing that can prove this is the existence of ping pong tables in recreations areas. More than just a game or a hobby, playing ping pong regularly can be a healthy activity for anyone.

Necessary Equipment to Play Ping Pong for Radio DJs
If you’re a radio DJ who loves to play Ping Pong, you will need to have some essential things before getting started. Here’s a list of essentials for playing Ping Pong:

• Ping Pong Table
If you want to play a Ping Pong at the club, they only provide you with the tables. Or else, if you want to play at your own home, there are different types of factors to consider. You can choose to purchase the full-sized tables instead of a compact or mini table. Additionally, you should also be aware that some space available around the table to move around while playing. To create more space in your home, you better go for foldable ping pong tables.

The foldable ping pong tables can be portable that means you can easily take them when you want to play at outdoors. You can find out them from top-selling stores like Amazon. There are numerous kinds of foldable ping pong tables which subsumed Ping Pong Fury Indoor table, Ping Pong Elite II Indoor table, Ping Pong Ultra II Indoor Table Tennis Table, etc.

• Ping Pong Paddle
For someone who regularly plays Ping Pong, you will need to have your own paddle. For that, you can ask other people to get a paddle but it’s always best to have your own personal Ping Pong paddle. The chosen ping pong paddle should be made up of a wooden blade essentially that can be of any size, weight, shape. But, it must be flat and rigid.

• Balls
Ping Pong balls can be purchased in many stores. Whereas clubs usually getting balls from the dealers. The balls having the size of 40mm are now used to play Ping Pong not playing with the old size of 38mm. These balls mostly made up with the celluloid and available in red or orange color when using in competitions.

• Shoes and Clothing

Before initiating to play ping pong, you will have to wear good quality shoes and clothing in order to be comfortable while playing.

Having these Ping Pong essentials, you will always be ready to have unlimited fun playing Ping Pong during your free time as a radio DJ. It’s a great activity to have a break outside the four walls of the radio station where you spend most of your time working.