Who Are the Top 2 Radio Stations in Miami?

Miami is known for many things, but one thing that has been a constant in this city is its radio stations. There are dozens of radio stations here from all genres and styles. So who are the top 2 radio stations in Miami? The answer to this question may be surprising because there isn’t an easy answer. In fact, it’s hard to pinpoint just two out of so many options, which might make deciding on a favorite even more difficult.

These stations are ranked from number 1 to number 2.

1) Radio Mambí – this station broadcasts Spanish-language music and news on 104.3 FM for more than 30 years. It claims to be “the voice of Latin America.”

2) WQBA – The Beat is one of the most popular English language hip hop and R&B station in Miami broadcasting at 103.9 FM since 1979 with DJs like Jay Mohr, Rick Party, Steve Powers, and others who keep up with all your favorite hits!


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