About Us

About Our Founder – Susan J. Boyle

The founder of KWPA Radio blog is Susan J. Boyle. She’s a renowned journalist and media professional with over three decades of work experience in the industry. She loves working in the entertainment industry because it brings out the best in her and she’s herself when working.

Susan’s love for radio began at a young age. During her childhood, radio was the main source of entertainments and information. And, she grew fond of it. But, little did she know that her love for radio would see her take up a career in the industry.

Radio played a great role in shaping who she is today, including most choices she had to make regarding her career. Boyle anticipates to touch lives through the blog and even inspire the young generation to take up careers along those lines.


The mission of KWPA Radio is to provide reliable and authentic information about radio while offering lots of entertainment to our readers.


Our aim is to become a leading internet resource for authoritative information about radio for all fans worldwide. We also focus on promoting radio technology to ensure that waves continue to touch many lives as it’s always done.